Text-To-Give Donations

CityPoint has a really convenient way to make donations. Our “Text-To-Give” option allows you to donate via text message! This highly secure option is very simple to set up by providing your credit card and billing information on the initial donation. Your credit and billing information is stored under your phone number and does not need to be provided on subsequent text donations. Simple and easy. This is a great way to make donations when you are not physically in church. Some simple instructions are provided below to get you started.

Simple Setup:
1. Text the donation amount to 312-313-1800.
2. On your initial donation, click the link in the received text message to enter your credit card and billing information.
3. Enter your credit card and billing information and click “Give”.
4. You should receive a text message indicating that your donation was successful.
5. On subsequent donations, just text the donation amount to 312-313-1800 and you are done. It’s that easy!
6. One more thing. To give to a specific campaign, simply text the donation amount followed by the campaign name, e.g. $10 Haiti.

For more information on our Text-To-Give option, see the Giving page of the website.

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