Our Story & Foundation

Our Beginnings:
CityPoint (originally Proviso Community Church) began in Aug. 2008 with the hard work and prayers of 10 individuals.  The vision was to plant a new church community that recaptured the heart of the original church in the Book of Acts.  The primary focus was community and commitment to learning and living the principles of the Bible.  After nearly 6 years, that remains our vision.

Our Vision:
We want CityPoint to be a community that celebrates and exhibits cultural diversity.  Today our congregation is predominantly African-American, but we’re actively working toward building a multi-ethnic community. Additionally, we want to be a second family to the thousands of college students residing in or near the South Loop by providing spiritual support, creative outlets, and safe spaces for building relationships.

Our Motto:
You will hear it all the time… Simply Caring, Simply Community, Simply Church

Our Core Beliefs:
These core beliefs are simply the foundation of our Christian faith and fundamentals of our Biblical teachings.

  1. God
    …is Creator of the world which He created in 6 days.
    …is one Trine God, eternally in 3 persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).
  2. Jesus Christ
    …provides the only means to Heaven.
    …is co-equal with God.
    …died as payment for all sins and was resurrected bodily.
    …will physically return to judge the living and dead.
  3. The Bible
    …is true without error.
    …is the final authority by which all will be judged.
  4. All People
    …are in need of, and can receive redemption through Jesus.

Our Cornerstones:
These five cornerstones outline the key components of our ministry. Get acquainted with them. Observe how we put each of them into action in our “Church Initiatives” section of the site!

  1. Connection:
    Seizing opportunities to build meaningful relationships with one another.
  2. Cultivation:
    Growing as Christians through learning the principles of the Bible and fulfilling our duty of teaching others the principles of the Bible.
  3. Celebration:
    Expressing to God our adoration through singing, praying and affirming His preached Word.
  4. Contribution:
    Offering out time, abilities and resources to advance God’s agenda of aiding the needy and providing a church as a beachhead for the development of Christians.
  5. Commitment:
    Being dedicated to God and the mission of our church community.