What To Expect

Casual Dress:
In our new loft-style worship facility, we hope to achieve a casual, coffee house feel, where people can come and be comfortable! Most people wear jeans or business casual attire, so feel free to come as you are.

90 Minutes:
Sunday is not only a day for worship, but also rest!  Therefore, we structure our services to last 90 minutes or less.

Expect to get lots of greetings at CityPoint.  There’s a 3-minute portion called “Hang-time” where we greet one another.

Though we take the bible very serious, the Pastor likes to mix humor with his messages.  Occasionally, it’s actually funny!

Small Gatherings:
Our services are held in a space with lounge tables and chairs.  It’s meant to provide a very intimate, casual environment for all who attend.  Typically, approximately 40-50 people are in attendance.

We think racism, ageism, and sexism are stupid and none of them have a place at CityPoint, nor should they at any church.  Our church is attended by mostly African-Americans, however our prayers and intentions are toward building a multi-ethnic and multi-generational church community that reflects the diversity of the South Loop.

A Work-in-Progress:
We strive for excellence, but we miss the mark sometime.  Expect to meet a group of regular Christians, serving in various volunteer capacities, striving to serve God with our abilities.