CityPoint On Vimeo

CityPoint & vimeo-icon_16:
As you may have noticed, our website is populated regularly with media from our Sunday services and ongoing events. Well, CityPoint has compiled all its rich teachings, musical worship and other media content into one central location! Visit our CityPoint Vimeo page (by clicking the pic below) and get started with your CityPoint experience online!


CityPoint Everywhere with vimeo-icon_16 (Mobile & Streaming):
Take CityPoint along with you wherever you go! Using the Vimeo mobile app and/or your streaming video device, you can experience CityPoint 24 hours a day (or as much as you desire). These are great ways to keep connected on the go or on the couch! Visit the Vimeo Everywhere page (by clicking the pic below), download some stuff and add CityPoint to your video list. Holà CityPoint everywhere!